6 Things to Consider when Buying a Branded Bag

Having a branded bag is not about prestige or following trends, but it can be an appreciation for the hard work so far. If in the past maybe branded bags were identical to logo creations, now the designs are more varied. Both in models, colors, sizes, to details. The public’s obsession with being able to own a bag from a well-known fashion label is also not only motivated by their love for the fashion world, but also because of the buzz about investment.

Hold your purse, here are a number of things you need to pay attention to when buying your first branded bag.

Check your budget

Of course the first thing to look at is the budget. Everyone has a dream bag and everyone has their own financial goals. Make sure that you buy according to your current financial capabilities.

Adjust to your needs

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This is a Monthly Shopping Tips with Thrifty

The first thing you can do is to compile a monthly grocery list that really suits your needs

Unwittingly, your monthly expenses are getting bigger and bigger because of uncontrolled monthly spending. This makes income not available, even before the payday comes. In fact, monthly expenditure is quite important because to meet all household needs that are needed. Starting from the kitchen needs, bathroom needs, food, clothing, to other household needs.


In fact, you can reduce your monthly expenditure by not spending money on unnecessary needs or in other ways. Well, for those of you who are still confused to control monthly spending, below will be explained tips on managing monthly spending is always efficient.

1. Make a Priority Shopping List

The first thing you can do is to compile a monthly grocery list that suits your needs. Make a shopping list that is a priority so that you do … Read more

Advice For People That Are New To Weddings

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A wedding is often a once in a lifetime event

but it doesn’t make sense to go in debt for years just to splurge on one day. Going into debt is no way to start married life. A simple wedding is the best way to start your new life together on a solid financial foundation. This article can help you to have a wedding that fulfills your wedding dreams without emptying out your bank account.

Make sure that everyone in your wedding party knows how they’re getting to the wedding site and back home from your wedding! This is especially important if you’re going to be serving alcohol, and essential if it’s an open bar. If you’re worried about anyone getting too inebriated, offer free cab rides to anyone who doesn’t bring a car, or drive them home in your limo.

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A Wedding Fit For A Queen: Here’s How To Make It Happen!

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This article has a lot of great information on planning a wedding

and making it the day you’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes it’s the little things that you never thought of, that make all the difference.

How your complexion looks is a major factor of the wedding as you will want to reduce the amount of blemishes that you have. You will experience anxiety, so combat this by drinking more water than you usually would. This will help to flush out the toxins in your body, giving your skin a natural glow.

Most weddings are planned to fall on the weekend. If you are looking to save money, consider having your wedding during the week. Venues and hotels have higher prices during the weekend since that is when most people want those things. Switching to a weekday could save you a decent amount of money.

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Why Are People Interested In Shopping Online?


The success of online buying activity or E-commerce (online store) raises many competing online store websites. One of the biggest factors most noticed in this buying and selling activity is the price offered.

From research conducted by PWC, it appears that low prices on online stores encourage people to increasingly like to shop via the internet. In addition, the fast process also variations of goods offered on the online store to make people more fond of this one activity.

If you own, manage or are part of an online store, then you must know your customer’s motivation to shop online. Here are five main reasons that drive people to shop online.

1. More Comfortable And Can Do It Anytime

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Online Shopping Websites

Online Shopping WebsitesGet your DIY head screwed on for at the moment’s ‘Best Online Shops’ checklist. We’re going all out on residence improvements this week with the very best web sites that promote the gear you want. Whether you’re constructing or re-decorating, and in need of some nice instruments, remember these websites. Hammer them into your brain if you need to.

Initially launched with the objective of providing a comprehensive array of client electronic merchandise, Crazy Deals has expanded to offer buyers a a lot larger vary of products. Featuring the ‘Craze of the Day’, consumers are treated to quite a lot of offers at largely discounted costs every day. Crazy Deals promises its shoppers genuine products delivered promptly to their door step. Customer Service can also assist with special requirements for merchandise that may not be available on the website on the time.

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Online Shopping Vs Conventional Shopping

When was the final time you got a bit of clothes made within the USA? The outsourcing of America’s attire manufacturing in all probability is not something that occurred in a single day, however made in America clothing has develop into the exception rather than the norm. In some stores, it is inconceivable to seek out an American-made garment. Here’s a comparability of a few of the clothes present in one well-liked chain retailer. The desk shows the clothes maker and the nation the place a chunk of its clothing was manufactured. The retailer promoting these clothes is understood for its innovative advertising and offering trendy fashions at inexpensive costs. Unfortunately, it has but to be a leader in providing American-made clothes.

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Interview with Monika Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Digsite, and Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of QuestionPro

Recently we wrote about the implication of the QuestionPro and Digsite M&A deal, calling it a key signal in the next phase of the “Platformification of QualiQuant“. In this latest entry in the CEO series of interviews I dive deeper with Vivek Bhaskaran of QuestionPro and Monika Rogers of Digsite, exploring their thinking on what synergies will be unlocked by them joining forces, the challenges of integration, and the broader implications for the industry as the line between qual and quant blurs further driven by technology platforms.

This is a fun and insightful conversation that I am sure you will enjoy. Perhaps more importantly, it delivers a rare insider look into how technology leaders are assessing opportunities and making moves to create new models for research.


This text has been edited for clarity.

Lenny Murphy: Hello, everybody. It’s Lenny Murphy here, with another in our interview series, separate from

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A Conversation with Kim Smouter

Kim Smouter, Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee for ESOMAR, sits down with Eyes4Research CEO Rudly Rapahel in a wide-ranging conversation about the lessons he has learned in his career, his role with ESOMAR, and his mission to achieve racial equality in Europe.

What did you want to do professionally when you were younger? How did you end up on your current career path?

When I was young, I wanted to be a cardiologist. When I was a teenager, I realized that I get queasy with blood and I hate dead bodies. And at that point, I decided I want to be an ambassador. I felt like my international background, my mixed-race heritage, and the fact that I lived in different places, probably made me suited to the role of an ambassador.  I moved back to Europe and ended up learning a bit more about that.

I ended up doing

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Is Walmart the Future of Market Research?

Editor’s Note: Earlier this year, we had Linda Lomelino on our podcast to discuss how Walmart is now leveraging shopper data and serving commercial customers as a research supplier. This strategic decision positioned them as not just an iconic retailer, but a competitive vendor with a solid value proposition. We want GreenBook readers to know about this important development, not just our podcast listeners, so have a look and let us know what you think in the comments!

For more information on how Walmart is influencing the market research industry, tune into the GreenBook Podcast episode How Walmart is Commercializing the Power of Data Science streaming now!  

“For an industry that’s experiencing a mass acceleration in change, understanding what customers want can give companies a competitive advantage.”


The GreenBook podcast recently sat down with Linda Lomelino, the Senior Director of Product Management and data ventures at Walmart,

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