6 Things to Consider when Buying a Branded Bag

Having a branded bag is not about prestige or following trends, but it can be an appreciation for the hard work so far. If in the past maybe branded bags were identical to logo creations, now the designs are more varied. Both in models, colors, sizes, to details. The public’s obsession with being able to own a bag from a well-known fashion label is also not only motivated by their love for the fashion world, but also because of the buzz about investment.

Hold your purse, here are a number of things you need to pay attention to when buying your first branded bag.

Check your budget

Of course the first thing to look at is the budget. Everyone has a dream bag and everyone has their own financial goals. Make sure that you buy according to your current financial capabilities.

Adjust to your needs

Next, decide whether you want to have a bag that you can use every day, such as going to the office or a bag that will only be used at parties. From here you can also consider the size, model, and material.

Like a medium-sized bag made of leather in neutral colors like black, of course, this is the right choice for the office.

Trends vs Personal style

Just like clothing, bags also have their own trend movements. As in the last two years, mini-sized bags and hobo models in the early 2000s era are back in vogue. It’s a good idea when buying a branded bag for the first time, adjust it to your mainstay style of dress. If the existing trend is in accordance with the character of the dress, of course there is no problem. Don’t just because you follow the trend, you don’t feel confident when you wear your first branded bag because it doesn’t suit your own style.

Classic or Seasonal piece?

Every fashion label has a collection of iconic bags. Such as Louis Vuitton Speedy and Alma, Chanel Classic Flap, Hermes Birkin and Kelly, Lady Dior, and Prada Saffiano. In every season this bag always comes in both classic versions and with updates such as color variations and details.

In addition to classic models, each brand also issues seasonal pieces. His creations are only intended for one season and will not necessarily reappear in the next season.

For that, if you are eyeing seasonal piece creations, it’s best not to wait too long to buy them. It should also be noted, even though the classic collection is still available every season, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the stock is always in the boutique.

It’s okay to buy preloved

Buying the first branded bag doesn’t mean it has to be new. Moreover, many preloved items are still in prime condition at a cheaper price than in boutiques. In addition, choose a preloved specialist seller or marketplace that is already trusted and guaranteed authenticity.


Regarding investment, it should be understood that not all branded bags can be investment instruments. So far the bags that are said to have high resale value are Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, and Chanel Classic Flap. It is still influenced by various factors such as size, color, and material.

It’s good when buying a good branded bag for the first time, investment doesn’t need to be the main consideration. It’s wrong because you are afraid of being damaged and having an impact on the decrease in your selling price so you never use it. We never know what the future economic condition of the fashion industry will be. In the end we buy a bag that we really love and could cherish forever!