7 Tips for Saving Shopping so that Monthly Money Can Be Saved

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As a wife, of course you have the duty to think about what the food menu is at home today, what are the household needs that need to be prepared and purchased, register the needs of the children, even arrange children’s daily allowance.

If at this time Mama had a baby, what Mama would arrange would be more complicated. Including in managing family finances, overall surely Papa is entrusting this to Mama.

If this is the key, do not waste it and be smart in managing household expenditure. How to effectively manage family finances?

Here are some saving shopping tips so you can save your remaining money.

  1. It’s better to shop for food once a week

If Mama has a food shopping habit every day, from now on the habit can be replaced by Ma. Just shop once a week.

Make a list of food menus for a week, then list the food ingredients. Including ingredients for main side dishes, to the needs of spices. After that, make a shopping list for food ingredients according to what you need.

Attach the note to the refrigerator door so you can easily see it every time. Every time the stock needs are exhausted, immediately record it on the shopping list paper.

  1. Make sure the price at the cashier is correct

If you are used to shopping at the supermarket, make sure the price at the cashier is correct. This is important. Cashier officers will always replace the prices of new products including discounts on each product in their store.

You make sure the price seen on the shopping shelf is in accordance with the price when paying at the checkout. Make sure the price is the same. Do not hesitate to ask if something is not appropriate.

  1. Take advantage of discount cards

Certain shopping places apply discounts for visitors who have a member or member card. Make the best use of this member card to get a large discount.

  1. No need to be tempted by the product because of the packaging

Sometimes we have made a shopping list, this can be a guide for us so after self-service we know what items need to be purchased. Well, if there are other items with good and new packaging, you don’t need to be interested and buy directly. Look again at your shopping list, do you really need the item?

If the answer is no, then you don’t need to buy Ma.

  1. Shop online

It’s also important if you can shop online. Sometimes there are different discounts from conventional shopping or shopping in traditional markets.

Subscribe to get the latest promo information if necessary. Shop online according to your needs, not based on what you want.

  1. Come to Exhibition of family necessities

Mama can come to the exhibition which provides family necessities. Well, according to what you need, there are many things you can find in the event, ranging from maternal equipment, postpartum equipment, baby and child clothes, vitamins for nursing mothers, and children’s toys.

Going to an event like this can be Mama’s choice for budget shopping, because of course there are lots of discounts.

  1. Set priority scale

This is the seventh saving shopping tips, setting priorities. The point is, if when shopping Mama finds the state of the total value of spending exceeding the budget you set, then determine which is more priority.

Buy what you and your family really need. Get rid of the others first Ma. Don’t push it too hard.

Those are 7 economical shopping tips that you need to know. The rest of your shopping money can be set aside for other purposes or saved as long as it’s not needed. Good luck trying this saving method, Ma.