Blanket Shopping, This Guide Is Right For You!

It could be that the blanket you are using makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with buying a new blanket. But so that you don’t buy the wrong thing, first consider the blanket shopping guide below.

Choose the Right Size

As with bed sheets, blankets must also be chosen with the right size. The simple tip is to choose a blanket that can cover the entire surface of the bed with an additional 3-5 cm from the area of the mattress. Here, so you don’t get confused, the standard sizes of beds on the market are as follows:
Singles: 90cm x 200cm
Double: 120cm x 200cm
Queens: 160cm x 200cm
King: 180cm x 200cm

Choose the Right Material

There are many choices of blanket materials available in the market. Each has its own pluses and minuses. You just have to adapt it to your needs. Some of them are as follows:
Cotton: Blankets made of cotton usually withstand repeated washing, and are also generally suitable for use by people who are prone to allergies. In terms of weight, cotton blanket fabrics can be both light and heavy depending on the type of weave. So it can be adjusted to the temperature where you live.
Wool: If you need a type of blanket that is heavy, warm, and able to provide a long-lasting heat insulation process, then a wool blanket is the most suitable choice to meet your needs. But make sure you’re not sensitive to wool first, OK?
Cashmere: Commonly used by the upper class, cashmere blankets are generally sold at quite expensive prices. The reason is because it is made of very fine and soft silk. Its soft texture makes it quite warm and not too thick when used.
Synthetics: There are many synthetic materials that are commonly used in the manufacture of a blanket. The most commonly found on the market are acrylic, polyester, and microfiber. Synthetic blankets have the advantage of texture that is relatively comfortable to use and warm when worn. The price also tends to be affordable and the type variants also vary.

Don’t forget to see the type of weaving

The type of woven blanket will also affect your comfort while sleeping, you know. Today there are many types of woven blankets available, including:
Thermal: Often found in cotton blankets, thermal weaves are usually loose-fitting to allow air to circulate freely in and out. This type of weave is suitable for use in hot climates.
Knit: Heavy and warm, this type of weave is common in woolen blankets. The weave is tight and keeps the heat longer.
Quilted: This type of quilted weave usually produces a blanket that is strong and durable. The effect is also that the blanket becomes warm for a long time when used.

Those are some tips that can be applied when you want to shop for blankets. Remember, a comfortable blanket will help you get quality sleep. You don’t need to be confused about where to buy, because there are Kintakun blankets from the Kintakun Collection that are sure to suit your needs. This blanket, which is produced with 100% polyester fabric, has a very soft and smooth texture against the skin.