B2B Research And Development During The Covid Era

One of the areas that have been most affected by the covid pandemic is research and development. According to NCUB, the lockdown has impacted the research and development of several businesses.

  • 81% of businesses suffer from stoppages and delays in their research.
  • 12% of businesses had to completely stop their research activity.
  • 56% of the business stopped planning for their internal R&D and innovation activities for the coming year.

However, some businesses were also able to adapt and continue their work remotely. As a market research professional myself, I have worked with clients in a variety of industries, including the B2B sector. In my experience, certain approaches tend to work well in this type of market research.

In this blog post, we will take a look at how the Covid pandemic has affected research and development and what the future may hold for this important area of business. First,

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What Does It Take to be a Good Moderator?

Qualitative Market Research (QLMR) has changed over the past 25 years since I started in the field, but some things have stayed the same … including what it takes to be a good Moderator.

Once exposed to qualitative research, some people know immediately they want to moderate; others simply fall into the role. And unique to the QLMR industry, most who start to moderate tend to continue after they have started.

I believe what pulls people into, and keeps them in the field of qualitative research is the value they see from talking to people. The magic of good moderating is in getting more than surface feedback and getting below top-of-mind data to helps clients make decisions.

“The magic of good moderating is in getting more than surface feedback and getting below top-of-mind data to helps clients make decisions.”

Qualitative research is just one piece of a clients big puzzle,

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Top Tips for Buying the Perfect Bed Skirts


The look of your bed has as much to do with its comfort as the feel of it. When your bed looks inviting and clean you get a restful night of cozy sleep. When your bed is a mess, it’s not as comfortable and can lead to restless nights. One of the key tips for improving the look of your bed is utilizing a bed skirt. Let’s take a look at the top tips for buying bed sheets that will ensure you always pick the perfect one.

The first attribute you must consider for obtaining the perfect bed skirt is its size. If your skirt is too big or too small, it can make your entire bed look messy. You should take the time to measure out the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. This will ensure you have the exact specifications for choosing the … Read more

The Right Clothing for Any Workout

 A workout is vitally important. Workouts help people get in shape and stay there. The right workout can also help people concentrate on the rest of their day as they have the energy they need in order to function well. When preparing for a workout, it’s a good idea to think about the kind of clothing you want to wear. You want clothing that will help wick away moisture and help keep you cool. You also want to have workout clothing that will allow you to do all the exercise you want and not worry that the workout clothing may develop a run as you move. Good quality workout clothing helps any person focus closely on the movements they need to make rather than focusing on worry that the clothing is uncomfortable or too constricting.

Your Basics

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Five Stylish Home Decor Tips for 2017

Decorating and updating your home décor to the latest trends of the year can be a joyous and overwhelming task as there are a number of tips available which would guide you to make your home more stylish. The year 2016 was the year dedicated to woven wall hangings and Scandinavian interior. To welcome the New Year, most of us would like to renovate our homes and give a different and fresh look that complements the trends of the New Year.

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Nothing explains the season of spring better than the bouquet of fresh flowers on your central table that boosts your energy level and excites you to welcome the season by adding some nice and pleasant changes to the home décor that in turn can add a pleasing effect to your personality and the surroundings. Enlisted in this article are the five stylish home … Read more