US Elections & UK eCommerce: Fidelity Payment Services Reviews

The US midterm elections are already a history! There’s been such a high level of scrutiny on the issue recently. No matter what views people had concerning President Trump, UK businesses showed a great interest in the US midterm elections results. This was because of the importance of US/UK trade following Brexit in 2019. If you’re a merchant interested in payment processing in the UK, including Fidelity Payment Services reviews, just keep on reading the post.

US Midterm Elections Impact

The 2018 midterm elections divided the US legislature into 2 parts: Republicans and Democrats. As a result, the country has obtained an environment that’ll slow deregulation for payment processing rules. Besides, it’ll bring about an increased focus on consumer protections, as well as make changes to committee leadership.

During the days of elections, the S&P 500 (^GSPC) went up to 0.56{2d115374a3950e3b333f324ee1cbd62501b8cbc386f63a7dd39bac975ceeb611} or 15.26 points, at market close. The Dow (^DJI) rose 0.76{2d115374a3950e3b333f324ee1cbd62501b8cbc386f63a7dd39bac975ceeb611} or 190.87 points. The Nasdaq (^IXIC) dropped 0.38{2d115374a3950e3b333f324ee1cbd62501b8cbc386f63a7dd39bac975ceeb611} or 28.14 points, as shares of technology giants Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN) decreased.

According to an article published in PaymentsSource, both Brexit and Trumpism are associated with isolationism. It favors domestic development, including sandboxes. Also, it’s pushing international policies that make globalism such as Brexit and tariffs slow down.

What about western payment companies, which rely on international transactions grow, as the US market becomes more mature? Well, they’re faced with headwinds from isolationist policies in markets such as India and China, which are playing an important role in all this.

eCommerce in the US & UK: Fidelity Payment Services Reviews

According to Hamish Muress, a currency expert at international payments company, it’s important for UK businesses to take note of the different scenarios in the US midterms. Chances are these scenarios will impact the way the dollar acts against the pound, as well as future UK-US trade deals.

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Currently, mobile commerce is anticipated to further play an immensely important role in the industry. It’s projected to grow at a whopping 19{2d115374a3950e3b333f324ee1cbd62501b8cbc386f63a7dd39bac975ceeb611} during the upcoming 5 years. This year, the world’s largest markets in terms of mCommerce included China with $0.75 trillion, the US with $0.21 trillion, the UK with $63.8 billion, Japan with $34.5 billion, and South Korea featuring $28.8 billion.

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