Five Stylish Home Decor Tips for 2017

Decorating and updating your home décor to the latest trends of the year can be a joyous and overwhelming task as there are a number of tips available which would guide you to make your home more stylish. The year 2016 was the year dedicated to woven wall hangings and Scandinavian interior. To welcome the New Year, most of us would like to renovate our homes and give a different and fresh look that complements the trends of the New Year.

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Nothing explains the season of spring better than the bouquet of fresh flowers on your central table that boosts your energy level and excites you to welcome the season by adding some nice and pleasant changes to the home décor that in turn can add a pleasing effect to your personality and the surroundings. Enlisted in this article are the five stylish home décor tips that would bring your aesthetic sense into play:

1.     Decorate your home with green:

Green is stated as the color of the year because of its vibrant and nature inspired features. It’s up to you how you utilize the green color in your interior. There are a number of options available from indoor plants to the carpet rugs and wall hangings. The color is available in a variety of tones and shades that leave you with an open choice to use the shades of your choice.

2.     Use of jewel tone accessories:

If you opt for all green decor, then you should subside with jewel tone accessories. The jewel tones would complement the green nature theme. Link emerald greens, sapphire blues and amethyst purples in your home décor because when linked together they add delight to all of your natural senses.

3.     Invest in a set of marble tables:

The third tip for home décor is to invest in some set of marble tables as according to the experts they are here to stay. Invest in a large statement piece, and arrange them in layers to give a more sophisticated and aesthetic touch to the décor. Marble goes well with a blend of vibrant and fun colors.

4.     Add some wood and farmhouse touch to your décor:

Wood and metal when combined with professional crafting and neutral colors gives it a more finished and refined look that adds extra charm to your home. The unique combination of wood and metal gives an exquisite and inviting look. Moreover having a wood wall in your home can give you a more spacious and natural feel. It gives more of an uplifting and warm feeling making you cherish the moments spent at home.

5.     Draw some abstract patterns on the white canvas:

Abstract art in the interior can reflect the traits of your personality. Abstract art is all about playing with colors and shapes. This is one of the simplest and easy to achieve tip. You can add a unique look to your living room or drawing room by hanging an abstract painting or some bright colored fabric with artistic patterns to catch the attention at first sight.