How to Wear an Ugly Sweater


When it comes to Christmas, there is everything imaginable when it comes to décor items and even apparel items. There are ornaments, wreaths, lights, garlands, magnets for your dishwasher and fridge and there are also Christmas sweaters. It has become a tradition to have a Christmas sweater staple. It has become the little black dress of your Christmas apparel and the uglier, the better. There are even Ugly Christmas sweater parties that are thrown just to compete in ugly sweater competitions.

The story is that some college students in Canada created the ugly sweater tradition back in 2001. They threw a party and held a competition to see who would show up wearing the ugliest sweater. It caught on and is still going strong years later. These sweaters are fun and embrace ugliness. They automatically lift the mood of any party and are a great way to get creative without worrying about going over the top or going to bold. These ugly sweaters are available in seemingly limitless designs, styles, and colors. Some have oversized bows on them, and some even light up. Others will even have “inappropriate” yet funny depictions of Christmas scenes on them. Still, others will even talk and will get anyone laughing with the humorous scene on it.

You can get an ugly sweater in most stores around the holiday season, or if you are planning to make your own, you could stop by the local thrift store and find something to build on. The more outdated and tacky it is, the better. Plus, you will even get bonus points for using your imagination and going all out.

These ugly sweaters are perfect for the whole family, and some families even take their family photo wearing them. They are a really great way to spread the holiday cheer with a funny and personalized Christmas card as well.

There is no right or wrong way to wear an ugly sweater for the holidays, but you can accessories and add a touch of style if you are going out on the town or are attending a more formal party. You could always pair your sweater with a nice pair of shoes or heels or a skirt or pants that are on the dressy side. To keep the look going you could pair your sweater with a funky pair of pom pom earrings and matching bracelet or necklace.

If you get an ugly sweater for the holiday season, you could wear it year after year. You could also add to it if it is a DIY project to change it up a bit. You could also add some extra pom poms to it or some strings of mini lights. You could also start a collection. The best thing is that you can get as creative as you want, and it will look even better. If you are planning to enter into an ugly sweater contest the more creative, you get the better and your chances of winning will increase.