Must have Features for Luxury Homes

Luxury homes provide a sign of new tech-driven facilities. But what counts is the kind of lifestyle the home offers, the more amenities that will meet the luxurious lifestyle the higher the value of that home. See here the key features essential to every homeowner when incorporated into any home, take its luxury to another level.


Advanced Home Security System

When one possesses a luxury home, it raises a notion that it contains plenty of valuable things which could attract unwanted attention, most high-end houses and the neighborhoods normally provide prime targets for burglars looking for a big score, thus the reason why homeowners install suitable security measures as an essential guard of their premises.

Luxury homeowners can spend any amount of money to ensure maximum security of their valuable assets and ensure the safety of their families from intruders, break-ins and other devastating incidents like fire. Need of superbly fit round the clock functional security mechanisms beyond simple alarm systems is inevitable in every home, for instance putting in place a monitored system will provide a 24/7 link to security professionals at the system server hub. This will minimize cases of false alarms and quick dispatch of the accident management team when disasters strike. You can find more information on internal security on the Stockinger site


Smart Home Technology

This feature is employed in every luxury home today; technology now monitors and manages every system both inside and outside the house. Whether handling tasks such as locking doors controlling the thermostat, various appliances, sprinklers music or lights, all these activities can be done from the comfort of your palm from anywhere around the globe using smartphone gadgets. Any motions done in the home can be detected and monitor security cameras using the phone. Technology has offered ease of mind as homeowners can monitor their houses any time, any place.


Home Entertainment system

Leisure is parcel to any luxury home; gaming, and movie rooms are crucial for a luxury lifestyle. The most mega home contains inbuilt home movie theatres and intact game room. Homeowners have taken entertainment activities passionately, developing amenities such as indoor basketball courts, pool, and lavish bars to maximize gaming platforms. These provisions have seen homeowners having a feeling not to leave their home comforts since everything is at their disposal.



The need of physical health fitness is essential to homeowners and their families. The wealthy never like to sweat publicly thus the need of having private gym facilities is vital to them. Fully equipped home gym with built-in sound systems, workout tools, and even an indoor lap pool give the best experience in the luxury homes.


Gourmet Kitchen

The marks the heart of every home, this feature is the principal to homeowners and home buyers. A luxury home will always be equipped with a variety of appliances ranging from warming drawers, fridges and restaurant quality appliances and the pantry space. With appliances for making the favorite coffee or tea which functions just by a click of a smartphone button, will brew your preferred drink in a couple of seconds. Modern kitchens are designed to contain space for storage of wine collection with systems which control the wine room climate maintaining the excellent original taste.

Summing up, luxury home should be made cozy to bring heaven into a house, technology-based amenities offers peak amenities which booster convenience to luxury homeowners; controlling all home operations by a click of a button enabling to live their lives to the fullest.