Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and a Brilliant Event

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a man who truly knows how to steal the show. He was at the helm of a brilliant service on the last day of 2017 as well. People who were in audience simply couldn’t look away from him even for a second. That’s how riveting the service was. He declared the upcoming year to be all about the supernatural. The people who were listening to him believed him as well.

This New Year’s Eve service was great from the first minute. Everything started with superb music. A song played that consistently praised the Lord. That song set the stage for the night, too. People couldn’t get enough of it. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome showed up right after the tune finished playing. He requested that all the members of the audience communicate with the Lord. He emphatically repeated “glory” and “hallelujah.” Audience members were giddy at the mere sight of this pastor. They were so enthusiastic after he showed up that they were quite active for a while. They continued to stand up for some time as well. These people were ecstatic about the major extravaganza.

There were numerous different hosts who all contributed to this significant night. They stated that 2017 was a great time for all individuals. They then proceeded to recount of all of the wonderful things that happened to the ministry. They discussed considerable expansion and all associated efforts. They went into the strong work ethics they possess. They talked about the concept of working hard and how it can make many excellent things come to fruition. These communicative hosts delved into all sorts of topics that were relevant to the ministry all throughout 2017. They talked about Rhapsody of Realities and how well it did. They talked about the fact that a simple book had such strength and legs. This book aimed to teach the world about God. It certainly did that.

The ministry did so many positive things for the planet in 2017. It greatly assisted little children who are in need. The Inner City Mission is a vehicle that gives the ministry the ability to tend to young people who lack the resources necessary to lead high-quality lives. The Healing School was also a significant aspect of the ministry all throughout 2017. This school provided the ministry with the opportunity to promote recovery and healing. It gave the ministry the invaluable opportunity to make people feel positive about the future and all of the openings it may bring as well. The International School of Ministry has been a haven for ministers who are in need of comprehensive training assistance.

People who were lucky enough to be in the audience on New Year’s Eve couldn’t have been more dynamic. They felt like they were reaching out to the Lord. They experienced a feeling of community and togetherness that was unlike anything they had gone through before as well. These people came out of the need to celebrate the terrific things about God. They weren’t lined up to watch any kind of musical performance. They weren’t lined up to be sporting game spectators, either.

This was also a fantastic experience for people who admire FALA or the “Future African Leaders Awards.” These awards are given to youthful individuals who do remarkable community work. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the kind of man who is perpetually on the lookout for people who use their advantages to do good things for other folks. These types of individuals often seem rare in the modern world. Dr. Pastor undoubtedly is someone who has the ability to identify them, though.