What We Learned from Paris Fashion Week


Fashion week. If you are into fashion you have probably heard this term very many times from very many media sites, fashionistas and celebrities. Is one of the biggest events of the fashion industry and it honors the work and creativity of some of the greatest names in the entire fashion world. Fashion week typically lasts for one week where designers debut new collections. After parties and other events are held during this time. The fashion week is made up of several different designers with various fashion shows. Everyone from political figures to magazine editors to stylists to celebrities attend these exclusive events.

We all have our very own special style. Your style may include a few pair of jeans from Old Navy, or a cool printed t shirt from Inkpressions, or a completely fabulous wardrobe from Nordstrom. Whatever your style is, if you are a fashionista you are always looking for next great items to add to your wardrobe. You may already have the perfect wardrobe. You may be looking for ways to change up your look. Regardless, what we learned from Parish Fashion Week reveals the trends we all will be loving and wearing for next few months.

Paris Fashion Week revealed a lot to us this year. This week long event that took place in the fashion capital of the world gave us a completely different outlook on some classic fashions and accessories. Headbands have made a comeback. The headbands sported on the French runways were complexly blinged out. Embellishments were in the model’s hair. These embellishments showed up in the form of headbands, clips and hats.

Designers this year decided to bring touches of architecture to the runway. Sculptural heels are the product of architecture and a high heel shoe. These types of shoes feature chunky heels, geometry and are sometimes sneaker inspired. These heels paired well with another top trend from Paris Fashion Week. Billowed sleeves were big on the runways from many designers. These big, flowy sleeves add so much volume to sleek outfit. They give the perfect pillowy look and feel to any outfit. With sculptural heels, you will have a stand out look while wearing a blouse with loose flowing billowed sleeves.

Pearls are a classic. Pearls are the ultimate ladylike symbol. This year’s Paris shows brought back a classic piece of fashion. High fashion and streetwear both placed touches of the classic pearl into their collections this year. Designers have taken the traditional pearl and gave it a remake. Pearls are coming in every shade of the rainbow and they were being rocked on crossbodies during fashion week. Lastly, Paris taught us to embrace snakeskin. Snakeskin is effortless, easy to wear and can create so many looks. From satchels to pants to trench coats to shoes, snakeskin dominated Paris Fashion Week. This snakeskin material has been a part of fashion for ages. It is a classic. It can be worn through all four seasons. It also comes in options of genuine and manmade.