Choosing Cremation Services Over Burial

After a loved one passes away, you might not know how to pay for a funeral or what the person would have wanted. If the person didn’t have an insurance policy or money set aside for a burial and funeral with a casket, then an option would be cremation. There are several benefits of cremation that you might not be aware of when you begin thinking about your final resting place or that of someone you love.

Saves Money

One of the benefits that you’ll see right away with cremation is that it’s less expensive than a traditional burial. If your family member doesn’t have the financial means for a funeral, then a low-cost burial would be the best option to consider. The only thing that you have to pay for is the cremation process and any additional fees that the funeral home might charge, which usually aren’t much in most locations. You can make add other items to the cremation once you have the remains back, such as a special urn or a plaque.

Burial Is An Option

With a low cost cremation, you do have the option of a burial like you would with a casket. You just won’t have to pay the high price associated with getting a casket. Another option is to put the remains in a mausoleum. The cost of this option is less expensive than opening a grave site like you would with a traditional burial. You can also have a funeral with the remains placed in an urn on a nice table at the funeral home or a church. Most funeral homes will let you rent a casket so that you can combine a traditional service with a cremation. This will make the service memorable for all family members as some might want to take part in a funeral procession while others might not have an opinion about the burial methods.

Easy To Arrange

A cremation is quite a bit easier to arrange than a funeral. Once your loved one passes away, the funeral home will handle transporting to a facility that will cremate the body. The only other thing that you will need to do is make arrangements to pick up the remains or make arrangements for a memorial service depending on how much detail you want to include in the service. You can hold a service that is small and peaceful with family and close friends. Everything can normally be handled in a day or two, giving you more time to remember the life of your loved one instead of worrying about the finances and details of a larger funeral.

Takes Less Space

When you choose cremation, you’re making a decision that benefits the environment. As the population dies off each year, there is more need for space in cemeteries. Cremation decreases the need for burial space, which means less land needs to be used. If you do want to bury cremated remains, the urn will take up less space than a casket.