Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Warns Comedians and Its No Joke


Chris Oyakhilome, DSc. DD is a Christian minister from Nigeria. He is the founder and President of a global ministry called Christ Embassy headquartered in Lagos. Christ Embassy is also known as Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian millionaire whose mega church ministry supports his own satellite television networks, heaving ministries, teaching ministries and charity foundations that supports children and families of all faiths and cultures. He is also a well-published author whose world leading book – “Rhapsody of Realities,” contains daily devotionals.

Pastor Oyakhilome hosts large spiritual meetings and conferences throughout the globe with millions in attendance who arrive looking forward to his Spirit-filled and anointed leadership. Chris Oyakhilome was called into the ministry over 30 years ago with a continued passion to reach people throughout the world. He travels everywhere teaching about the anointed Word of God and inspiring many evangelical young people to stay in the ministry and “go ye into all the world” to teach about God.

Pastor Chris said that he began his ministry as an undergraduate Architecture student at the Now Ambrose Alli University. He said that he felt the call to the ministry when he was 9 years old. His family never discouraged him, but as Christian evangelists themselves, supported his studies and his spirit-inspired growth.

The great Johnny Carson was the best at timing and jokes. But there is one subject he would not touch and that is the church and God. Johnny said that he did not joke about religion out of some perfunctory higher theological decision. Instead, Johnny said that Pastors were just not that funny. Now we have Pastor Chris Oyakhilome giving a Word from God, which is to leave Pastors alone.

Rev. Dr. Oyakhilome gave a prophetic message to his first Sunday congregation that foretold of the destruction of people who joke about sacred things of God. Also, being televised live around the world, Pastor Oyakhilome told the Global Communion service attendees at Believers Loveworld Nation session that he was inspired by the Holy Spirit. In an answer and question session, Rev. Chris warned comedians everywhere, not just in Nigeria, to never joke about the men of God.

Pastor Oyakhilome said that this message was from God and not him personally. At least God gave comedians a way out by telling Oyakhilome that comedians should try not to make fun about pastors within their comedy acts. However, continuing with this prophecy, then came the dire warning. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome warned comedians that if they continue to joke about men called into the ministry for God, they will suffer consequences.

Rev. Oyakhilome warned comedians in his prophetic message from God, that if they don’t stop joking about Pastors, that their lives will become a comedy but not in a good way. Pastor Chris said, “this is what the Lord said I should tell you.” Rev. Chris continued with his message, prophesying that they should know what to joke about and what not to joke about and joking about a Pastor is not good. His cautionary message further said that when God wants to destroy a man, he sends him against a prophet – meaning himself.