If You Shop at Walmart, Get Ready for This “Fantastic” New Change

Some of us are devout Walmart shoppers, while others only head there in a pinch. Regardless of your shopping preferences, it’s widely known that Walmart offers a broad range of products both online and in-store, which is part of what makes shopping there so appealing. If you don’t normally shop at Walmart, however, the retail giant is giving you a great reason to start. Read on to find out what new change Walmart is calling “fantastic,” and how you can take advantage of it right now.

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Walmart has been anything but stagnant this summer.

There have been a steady stream of changes at Walmart over the last several months. Most recently, the retailer announced that it would be moving away from its “big-box” model and opening smaller stores in partnership with Getaway, a vacation rental company. Five”The General Store by Walmart” locations are set to open this year at different Getaway “outposts”—essentially a collection of rentable tiny cabins—meaning you’ll have to be up for a camping trip to browse these mini-hubs.

Other changes have been implemented that directly impact Walmart’s customer base, including new augmented reality features in the Walmart app and updated online search capabilities for those who speak spanish. But Walmart has now expanded its shopping services and taken things a step further, adding another avenue for you to make online purchases.

You might notice a new section on Walmart’s website.

As with many large retailers, there are several ways to shop at Walmart. You can do it the old-fashioned way and head down the aisles with your list and a shopping cart, or you can fill up a virtual cart online and have items sent to your door or groceries delivered directly to your fridge. If you prefer online shopping, you’ll be pleased to learn that you now have more inventory to choose from.

According to a blog post by Michael Mossergeneral manager of Walmart Marketplace, when you shop on Walmart.com, another section is now availableWalmart Restored.

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Check out what you can buy.

Devoted Walmart shoppers love a good bargain, and that’s exactly what Walmart has in mind with the introduction of Walmart Restored. According to Mosser’s blog post, the program allows customers to purchase refurbished products at the “everyday low prices” they’ve come to know and love, especially in light of ongoing inflation.

“At Walmart, we already work with sellers and suppliers on Walmart.com who are committed to refurbishing top-quality products and preparing them for a new home at a fraction of typical costs,” Mosser wrote. “And now, those items will be even easier to find and shop with the Walmart Restored program designation.”

When visiting the Walmart Restored page, you can browse everything from refurbished cell phones to home security systems to vacuums, all of which have been tested, inspected, and cleaned by professionals. Items may have light scratches or marks, but nothing major—the Walmart Restored page states that “products have no cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away.”

According to Mosser, while products are sold by “top-rated performance managed sellers and suppliers,” if your refurbished item is not up to par, Walmart gives you 90 days to return or replace your purchase.

The retailer plans to expand the program in the fall.

Currently, Walmart Restored is only available virtually, but the retailer has bigger plans.

“The Walmart Restored program is helping build trust with our customers by offering fantastic value for shoppers,” Mosser wrote. “Online now and in select stores later this fall, the program also gives customers a choice and opportunity to extend the life of a product.”

Walmart did not specify which stores would be offering the ability to browse refurbished products in person, but if you’re in the market for new tech or appliances—or if you’re looking for a sustainable purchasing option—you can browse the existing product online assortment now.