Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and a Brilliant Event

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a man who truly knows how to steal the show. He was at the helm of a brilliant service on the last day of 2017 as well. People who were in audience simply couldn’t look away from him even for a second. That’s how riveting the service was. He declared the upcoming year to be all about the supernatural. The people who were listening to him believed him as well.

This New Year’s Eve service was great from the first minute. Everything started with superb music. A song played that consistently praised the Lord. That song set the stage for the night, too. People couldn’t get enough of it. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome showed up right after the tune finished playing. He requested that all the members of the audience communicate with the Lord. He emphatically repeated “glory” and “hallelujah.” Audience members were giddy at the mere … Read more

Choosing Cremation Services Over Burial

After a loved one passes away, you might not know how to pay for a funeral or what the person would have wanted. If the person didn’t have an insurance policy or money set aside for a burial and funeral with a casket, then an option would be cremation. There are several benefits of cremation that you might not be aware of when you begin thinking about your final resting place or that of someone you love.

Saves Money

One of the benefits that you’ll see right away with cremation is that it’s less expensive than a traditional burial. If your family member doesn’t have the financial means for a funeral, then a low-cost burial would be the best option to consider. The only thing that you have to pay for is the cremation process and any additional fees that the funeral home might charge, which usually aren’t much in … Read more

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Warns Comedians and Its No Joke


Chris Oyakhilome, DSc. DD is a Christian minister from Nigeria. He is the founder and President of a global ministry called Christ Embassy headquartered in Lagos. Christ Embassy is also known as Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian millionaire whose mega church ministry supports his own satellite television networks, heaving ministries, teaching ministries and charity foundations that supports children and families of all faiths and cultures. He is also a well-published author whose world leading book – “Rhapsody of Realities,” contains daily devotionals.

Pastor Oyakhilome hosts large spiritual meetings and conferences throughout the globe with millions in attendance who arrive looking forward to his Spirit-filled and anointed leadership. Chris Oyakhilome was called into the ministry over 30 years ago with a continued passion to reach people throughout the world. He travels everywhere teaching about the anointed Word of God and inspiring many evangelical young people to … Read more