How to Wear an Ugly Sweater


When it comes to Christmas, there is everything imaginable when it comes to décor items and even apparel items. There are ornaments, wreaths, lights, garlands, magnets for your dishwasher and fridge and there are also Christmas sweaters. It has become a tradition to have a Christmas sweater staple. It has become the little black dress of your Christmas apparel and the uglier, the better. There are even Ugly Christmas sweater parties that are thrown just to compete in ugly sweater competitions.

The story is that some college students in Canada created the ugly sweater tradition back in 2001. They threw a party and held a competition to see who would show up wearing the ugliest sweater. It caught on and is still going strong years later. These sweaters are fun and embrace ugliness. They automatically lift the mood of any party and are a great way to get creative … Read more

Three Reasons Why Online Stores are So Popular


Today, consumers have so many different ways to purchase their apparel. The fashion industry and the trends that they release can be bought just about anywhere. Even though the retail stores have fashions that buyers like and prefer, there are many that prefer to shop online whenever they can. For those of you who fit into this category, you will most likely understand why the shift from the retail store to online has become so popular among many people today.

To boost the fashion sales, it is not uncommon for marketing specialists to point their customers to a TV Store Online. This store can be very advantageous to shoppers for many different reasons. So, if you are interested in learning why the move to online shopping has increased so significantly over the years, here is what you need to know.

1. Ability to Shop the Global Marketplace for
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What We Learned from Paris Fashion Week


Fashion week. If you are into fashion you have probably heard this term very many times from very many media sites, fashionistas and celebrities. Is one of the biggest events of the fashion industry and it honors the work and creativity of some of the greatest names in the entire fashion world. Fashion week typically lasts for one week where designers debut new collections. After parties and other events are held during this time. The fashion week is made up of several different designers with various fashion shows. Everyone from political figures to magazine editors to stylists to celebrities attend these exclusive events.

We all have our very own special style. Your style may include a few pair of jeans from Old Navy, or a cool printed t shirt from Inkpressions, or a completely fabulous wardrobe from Nordstrom. Whatever your style is, if you are a fashionista you … Read more